SKATEBOARDING is a unique sport because you can do it anywhere. Since there is so little required, it’s easy to pass the love of skateboarding on to other people. Every child should have the right to skateboard – to play, to have fun and to experience a sense of accomplishment. However, for many children these ideas are only dreams. Bridge to Skate arcs over what seems impossible in the mind of a child, connecting those dreams to reality. In fact, skateboarding is one of the best gifts anyone can receive. When a young person is given an opportunity to climb onto a board, we feel like it’s an opportunity to be great. It not only brings happiness to the child, but teaches them to be creative and confident. If more than one child has a skateboard, they’ll create a family that’s not blood related. They’ll form a bond that transcends any difference in age, gender, race or religion. This will create love. And with love, amazing things can happen!

Why Skateboarding?

Every skateboarder understands how much you can learn from skateboarding. To explain it, we wouldn’t be doing it justice. Its roots run much deeper than how skateboarding appears on the surface. It’s about a lot more than trendsetting and being cool. A child who is given a skateboard will find that success comes with patience, focus and discipline. They’ll see that creativity and self expression will show up in their personal style, and that love will demonstrate greatness.

Everyone’s a Winner!

To be a skateboarder, you will join a family that is non-competitive in demeanor. You will be cheered on when you reach new heights and you’ll cheer others when they experience success. Although achievements are personal, you’ll be active and communicative with your peers because you know that will improve your own skills. When stepping off the board, you’ll realize that skateboarding can help you better handle all the challenges of daily life. At BTS, we believe that’s the definition of a winner.


Learn-to-Skate Clinics

Do you want to learn to skateboard? Keep an eye out on the events calendar for our free learn-to-skate clinics. We’ll bring skateboards and safety equipment to use; you bring your enthusiasm to learn!

Skateboard Recipient Program

Each year volunteers from our worldwide programs collect, refurbish, distribute and “re-dream” at least 365 skateboard completes to sponsor children that we feel would be good candidates for a skateboard. Often the kids we work with are from low socio-economic communities and could be considered at risk-youth. However, if they’re interested in exercise and having a good time, then they’re perfect for receiving a skateboard. While 76% of our recipients reside in the U.S., BTS is rapidly expanding the program in other countries, including Senegal (Africa), Peru, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, the U.K, Australia and New Zealand!

Trade-In Program

To sustain skateboarding within the communities we work, Bridge to Skate has a program in which youth swap their broken and unusable equipment for other used equipment that is in good condition. It’s an ideal way to graduate kids to better skateboards and helps supports their desire to continue improving.

Decks for Dreams

Often the youth involved with our Skateboard Recipient Program could use assistance in purchasing new shoes, clothing and other necessities. Through Decks for Dreams, kids have an opportunity to paint a skateboard deck. Their artwork is then sold for the amount of money it would take to purchase their “dream.” Pretty cool. If you’re interested in getting involved with this program, just contact Bridge to Skate. And be sure to check out all the Decks for Dreams creative art at our fundraisers!


Bridge to Skate focuses on hosting competitions in areas where there currently aren’t any. We’ve held at least one competition a month in Watts, CA, since spring 2011! In the past, we’ve held competitions in New York, Vermont, New Jersey and throughout California. Note the calendar, and come around to see what it’s all about!

After-school/ Summer Programs

Bridge To Skate has collaborated with the Sheriff’s Youth Activities League in Compton to offer youth a free after-school/ summer program! If you’re between the ages of 7-17, please join us for our free program. No equipment is necessary and all abilities are welcome! We have skateboards, safety-wear, and features for everybody- just bring your smile!